Neal Learner’s “Life: A Comic Opera in Three Short Acts” Will Surprise You at D.C.’s Fringe Festival

July 10, 2917, The Zebra Theater Review: ...The genius of what Neal Learner has achieved here is combining the various styles of music, the complex rhythms and harmonies, and pairing them with beautiful, interesting voices.  He has also kept the story line simple, and for the most part all the characters behave in pretty much normal ways, just going about their unremarkable lives.  However, through the magic of Learner’s music and brilliant lyrics...we become caught up in their everyday lives and hope for the best outcome possible in each situation.  This show mirrors real life, not a fairy tale, so things pretty much go along without any dreadful tragedies or horrible struggles, just a witty and sometimes moving celebration of the beauty of the arc of life from its beginning to its end.

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