Would You Like to Be a Mermaid?

2011 - Neal Learner releases CD "Would You Like to Be A Mermaid?" The first track, Secret of Life, explores questions of what makes life good and real, while Eat Good Food offers some sound advice that anyone might want to follow. Rock & Roll Girl paints a lively musical portrait of Neal’s younger daughter Nina (age 9), and Me in You is a touching personal note to his older daughter Nadia (age 10). Spring is about the simple joys of this wonderful season, and My Kind of Heaven captures the joys of being alive at any time of year. Lullaby Your Eyes starts as a simple song to put young-ones to bed and ends with a surprisingly powerful and uplifting finale. Its companion song, Get Up, is a doo-wop wake-up call that can’t be denied. Hush details every parent’s desire to keep their children safe and secure, while Pretty Birdy is about the support and encouragement that parents give their children as they grow. Hubcap Heaven is just plain silly! And Would You Like to Be a Mermaid? rounds out the CD with some intriguing choices that every child has probably pondered at some point or another. Check it out here.

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